Decrypting End-to-end Encryption

Decrypting End-to-end Encryption

“In November 2018, Marriott International announced a data breach involving about approximately 500 million Starwood hotel customers. The exposed information included names, contact information, passport number, Starwood Preferred Guest numbers, travel information, and other personal information.”

The threat to personal data as it moves or rests within the digital universe has never been more real as now; the need to protect it never more critical for individuals and organizations as now. The paradigm shift in the way we transact at work and out of it has increased the volume of data being transferred on digital platforms. With it there has also been a surge in data breaches, undermining the security of sensitive data, including personal details and financial figures.

So, why isn’t encryption enough?

Encryption uses an encryption algorithm to encode readable data into unreadable data while in transit or storage and only the recipient of the encrypted file transfer can decode it using the corresponding decryption key. This prevents any unauthorized access to data but does not guarantee that your file is protected from the service provider. The reason being, when data is encrypted at rest just on the server, the service provider has full access to your data. Not just that, in order to stream the data, it has to be decrypted on the server itself. So encryption at rest is like encrypting the data with a key that is placed right next to it and, the data still needs to streamed in clear text from server to the client. In order words, your data is accessible to a third person without you really agreeing to it.

End-to-end encryption is the key to secure file transfer and delivery.

End-to-end encryption implies that the only two endpoints – the sender and the receiver – will have the keys to decode data. In other words, when you send end-to-end encrypted files, not even the service provider can decrypt the contents of the encrypted file transfers. In the public domain of the internet where certain data transfer systems facilitate data transfer for free or as part of their larger service ecosystem, end-to-end encryption ensures your right to privacy is upheld at all times.

Unlock cutting-edge end-to-end encryption with DropSecure.

This technology driven platform enables fully compliant, end-to-end encrypted and easy-to-access file transfers with and even without an account. It encrypts all files using z security grade algorithms before they leave your device. The files are decrypted only after your recipient has downloaded them.

Which means when your data arrives on the DropSecure server, it is already encrypted with your keys and those are never sent to our servers. So, unlike encryption at rest, we ensure even we do not have access to your data. No one can access your data without your permission.

DropSecure helps to overcome a certain challenge that the IT departments world-over are up against; developing and installing increasingly sophisticated firewalls around the edges of their networks are a response to cyber threats.

But what of the leaks and breaches that originate from within the networks, rendering the peripheral defenses ineffective?

DropSecure’s end-to-end encryption ensures no one can read your files. Not even us, even while they are residing on our servers.

  • We never store the keys required to decrypt your data.
  • For even greater security, we offer a “zero-knowledge” file transfer option where your encryption keys never pass through our systems!
  • For all download links (for our registered and unregistered users) our real-time encryption shares a private link and a one-time code with you and your recipient(s) using our patent-pending technology.

Going further, when your data is in transit, it resides in our highly secured datacenters that have cleared a wide range of compliance requirements, including SOC1, HIPAA, and FIPS. Depending on whether you are a guest-user or a premium registered user, the data will stay there for an interval or till such time you choose to delete it.

  • The global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across SMBs*
  • Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes**
  • 9.7 Million Records healthcare records were compromised in September 2020 alone***

The threat to data security will always be there. With DropSecure’s end-to-end encryption you can choose to be at the razor-edge of data security solutions, storing, sharing and managing files in the cloud with absolute ease.

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