Clay county board of election commissioners

Clay County Election Board, like many others, wanted to make sure that all of their military personnel stationed overseas who were eligible to vote had the necessary information to cast their ballots. They knew that email was not the right channel for sending such documents, given that they are inherently insecure and there is no tracking available. They wanted a better solution.

They found DropSecure to be a perfect fit, because of its security and ease of use. With DropSecure they could:

  • Send files including ballots to all their military personnel overseas without requiring them to register or create an account in DropSecure
  • They could track when each user opened the documents allowing them to reach out to their users proactively in case of any issues

With our easy to use interface, they were able to get started within minutes of signing up with DropSecure. Learn how we can help you solve your secure file transfer needs.

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