Link Accessed Detail

The Link Accessed Details is a log available to our registered DropSecure users, so they, as the Sender, can see whether the recipients have accessed the ‘Secure Link’.

This log also provides the additional information of the date and time stamp of the most recent access attempt. The Sender has access to this log in their Sent Folder listing of all the transactions.

The Sender can log into their DropSecure dashboard:

  1. Click on the ‘Sent’ Folder on the left-hand panel. Make sure that the ‘View By: Recipient’ is selected.
  2. Select the transaction item for which the access details are to be viewed.
  3. Once the transaction is displayed, the ‘Link Accessed Details’ will be in blue. This link is available just above the table displaying the list of attachments.
  4. Click on that link and you will find the list of recipients.
  5. Each recipient listed there will have the ‘Link Accessed’ information which will be ‘No’ if the link has not yet been accessed and ‘Yes’ for links that the recipient has accessed with the most recent data and time stamp of access.
    In the Sent Folder, the sender can click on any of the transactions from the listing there to view each of the interactions, where the Link Accessed Details information is available.

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